VDS stands for Virtual dedicated server. This virtual server does not exist physically and is part of one or more dedicated servers (if cloud computing) that are virtual and can be used for various uses such as site hosting, programming, program hosting or email hosting.
 This type of server has fewer resources than a dedicated server, but on the other hand, they are more economical than a dedicated server.
These servers provided by Asadhost are entirely dedicated and are hosted on multiple servers as cloud computing

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Practical Questions and Answers

From the time of registering your order in our system, on Mondays to Fridays from 9 am to 5 pm, about 2 hours depending on the workload and on other days about 4 hours.
But this time may be more or less depending on our work traffic, which is only a fraction.

Since the virtual servers provided are provided from different data centres, providing a control panel is impossible. But in requests related to your virtual server, it will be done in less than 10 minutes.
But our technical team will promise to provide a dedicated control panel for all virtual servers soon.

Of course, all resources provided on our virtual servers are proprietary. This privacy is even applied to the virtual server port network provided.

Except for SSD virtual servers in Washington and Brazil, all virtual servers are hosted on NvmE hard drives.