Directory Privacy on cPanel


Overview This interface allows you to protect specific directories in your cPanel account’s files. After enabling this feature for a directory, when users attempt to view that directory via a website, the system prompts them to log in. Note: This feature modifies htaccess and htpasswd configurations to restrict access to files on your websites. This […]

Image option on control panel cPanel


We want to tell you about this tutorial’s cPanel image control panel option. The Images interface allows you to modify and manage images you saved to your account. This feature includes the following tools: Thumbnailer — Use this tool to create thumbnails from images in a directory and store them in a thumbnails subdirectory. Scaler — Use this tool […]

How to show hidden files on file manager cPanel?


Hardness: EasyTo do this, log in to your file manager according to our training with the file manager.Then click on the setting option in the upper right corner. After that, a pop-up will open for you; at the bottom, an option called Show Hidden Files (dotfiles) is displayed.Check it, and then click the save button. […]

What is cPanel Filemanager?


File Manager is one of the features that every control panel has.Control panel cPanel also provides this possibility.Working with this control panel is very convenient and easy.In cPanel File Manager, you can easily upload your files, extract them, copy or move files between our folders, set access management, extract compress files, or convert the files […]

How to login on cPanel


Hardness: Easy First of all, enter your website address and at the end: 2083 Then enter the username and password sent to you when you bought the host and click on Login.After login will then take you to your control panel.